Sunday, September 13, 2009

Check it out!

Hey, guys!Today, i would like to share some news with your guys. I will form YuGiOh team for all the YuGiOh players. So that, your guys can contact me more easily or whenever there is a Malaysia YuGiOh Tournament, i can inform your guys more earlier and we can attend for the tournament together.

Probably, there are several objective of forming the YuGiOh team. One of the objective of forming a YuGiOh player group is to gather your guys and discuss for the current deck trend, strategies or combos and rulings with regulations of YuGiOh cards. Every time i went for the tournament i sure will see the a lot of YuGiOh player been cheated by the other players. You guys must be wondering how they can cheat your guys card(s), right? Some of the players, they like to steal the cards from the album when they are viewing your album(s). Sometime, they may steal your deck when you are playing YuGiOh cards with your friends. They may also steal your deck when you are chatting with your friends while your deck is leave on the table. Sometime, they may even trade some cards which are mangle to you. Therefore, please check the status of the cards that they would like to trade with you before you trade your card(s) with them. All of the case which i mentioned above already happen before this and some of the case appear frequently in the event.

Furthermore, I may also giving some special tutorial(s) and training(s) for my teammates because i would like to improve my teammates YuGiOh cards knowledge. All the service that i provided is totally free of charge and there are no hidden terms and conditions. Apart from that, i can also help your guys search for the YuGiOh cards which you like but this service is not free.

Anyone can also request to join for my YuGiOh team with the condition of playing YuGiOh cards currently, interested with the ruling of YuGiOh cards and also must be Malaysian. For those whose interested to join in my YuGiOh team, please email your name, contact number and home address to my email address. All the information that you send to me will be totally confidential.

Ok, we end our discussion at here. See you guys next time!