Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! September 2010 Ban List

Hey, guys. I just received the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! September 2010 ban list from a forum. Cards that are listed in the below are just the cards that was changes in the current ban list.

Forbidden/Banned Cards:
Rescue Cat
Heavy Storm
Brain Control

Restricted/Limited Cards:
Trishula, Ice Boundary Dragon
Infernity Launcher
Black Whirlwind
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole
Royal Oppression

Semi-Restricted/Limited Cards:
Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Mystical Space Typhoon
Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder

No more restricted/limited Cards:
Black Rose Dragon
Cyber Dragon
Goblin Zombie
Treeborn Frog
United We Stand
Royal Decree

1st, I will discuss regarding the Forbidden Cards. From the new ban list, we can see that the Frog deck almost powerless because one of the key card, Substitoad already been banned thus Frog deck will be hardly to see anymore during the apply of the new ban list. Next, rescue cat no more as a supportive/key card for X-saber, Gladiator Beast, Beast and Cat Synchro anymore. The most unexpected card listed in the forbidden list is Heavy Storm. This means that no more afraid of OTK because almost every OTK need the supportive of Heavy Storm 1st. Then followed by Brain Control, another key card for OTK too.

For the Restricted Cards, finally we can see Infernity Launcher included in this new ban list thus we will see no more 1 turn synchro 3 synchro monsters in Infernity deck. Another mill card synchro monster, Trishula also limited as 1 piece. Thus, OTK power becoming weaker temporarily. The released of Monster Reborn and Dark Hole are to replace the places of Heavy Storm and Brain Control. The restriction of Black Whirlwind also not much affected to Blackwings deck because Blackwings will gain new supportive cards by this year October.

Moreover, for the Semi-Restricted Cards Chaos Sorcerer again return back to the Semi-restricted Card List. This means that Chaos deck will be more playable than before. The released of Ojama Trio is due to the released of Black Rose Dragon from the Restricted Card List. The released of Magic Cylinder also means the deck that playing Offensive Defense such as Chain Burn deck become more powerful.

Lastly, for the unlimited cards, the most impressive cards in the list is Black Rose Dragon. This means that Starlight Road will be the most familiar card in all deck during this period. Furthermore, Cyber Fusion deck can regain their power after this since the release of Cyber Dragon from the Semi-Restricted list.

Ok, that's all for today. Wish you guys have a good mood after checking this new ban list. Thanks for reading this post.

Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game World Championship

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I just received a latest result of 2010 Yugioh World Championship. The new Yu-Gi-Oh! world champion is Galileo De Obaldia from Panama and the 1st runner up is Vincent Paglia from the USA. Then followed by Kei Kuwano from Japan and 3rd runner-up winner is Tae Woo Kim from South Korea.

Our new world champion, De Obaldia is the duelist who played Frog OTK deck and Paglia played Blackwing deck. Whereas Kei Kuwano played Herald of Perfection deck and Tae Woo Kim played Blackwing deck too. During the semi-final, De Obaldia able to win over Kei Kuwano's Herald of Perfection to enter to the final of Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship and this also shows that his deck is quite stable against this kind of lockdown deck.

As we can see from the above, Blackwings are still able to enter until the final of Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship before lose to the deck of Frog OTK. This can shows that Blackwings are still strong enough although some of the cards such as Black Whirlwind and Allure of Darkness are listed in the March 2010 ban list. The winning of Frog OTK deck also means that this type of deck will spread to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world in no time.

However, this situation may not be see so often after this year September due to the September 2010 ban list gonna release soon. Thus, let us wait for the release of ban list and check for the new trend of Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. Once again, let us welcome Galileo De Obaldia for becoming our Year 2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game World Champion.

Ok, that's all that I would like to share for today. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for my new post of September ban list.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Which cards should be in the September 2010 ban list?

The September ban list is gonna release soon and let us predict which cards should be included in the September 2010 ban list. First, we should check out the current trend of decks which most actively appear in the OCG environment. The major trend of deck actively appear in OCG are Monarch Frog, Frog FTK, Frog Synchro, Infernity, Blackwing, Machiners, Quickdraw Dandy, and Lightsworn. Then only followed by Dragunity, Cat Synchro, Gladiator-Beast, Light Beat Down, E.Hero, Fabled and other decks.

From the above deck lists, I had selected several key cards from those deck and I listed them as below:
1. Infernity Necromancer
2. Infernity Archfiend
3. Subtitoad
4. Swap Frog
5. Ronintoadin
6. Judgment Dragon
7. Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
8. Dandylion
9. Battle Fader
10. Dark Simorgh
11. Machina Gearframe
12. Machina Fortress
13. Trishula, Ice Boundary Dragon
14. Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
15. Black Whirlwind
16. Infernity Launcher
17. Pot of Duality
18. Miracle Fusion
19. Royal Oppression

These few cards are the key card in those major trend decks and the insertion of these cards into the September 2010 ban list would affected their deck. For Infernity deck, their key cards are Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Launcher. With both of them, Infernity player can crush their opponent easily through synchro summon 3 Trishula, Ice Boundary Dragon in a turn. As a result, Trishula also may listed in the ban list due to the Top Appearance in most of the OCG decks. Dark Simorgh also very important for Infernity because it is the one who help milling Infernity Archfiend from the deck to the graveyard.

Even though Blackwing has a bit of weaker than before but their deck always appeared in the Top Deck List and OCG gonna release the Crow Duelist Pack and this means that Blackwing will become more commercial to all the OCG players. Thus they may listed in the September 2010 ban list. Frog's key cards basically are consist of Subtitoad, Swap Frog and Ronintoadin. The major key card in Frog deck is Subtitoad which help to build Frog barrier to protect player's monster from been attack by opponent's monster. If Subtitoad is limited, then Frog deck would a bit harder to win against most of the decks such as Blackwing and Infernity.

For Quickdraw Dandy, as you can see the key card of the deck is Dandylion and it also one of the key card for synchro summon Trishula. Royal Oppression may also listed in the list due to the release of new continuous trap card in Starstrike Blast which is Vanity Space. Vanity Space helps to prohibit special summon/synchro summon from happening when it remains face-up on the field.

Ok, the rest of the card's combo you guys can found from Yugioh Wikia by typing those deck name in the web page. That's all I would like to share to you guys. Thanks for reading.