Sunday, December 19, 2010

Malaysia December 2010 Tournament

Hey, guys! This coming 26th December(Sunday) there will be a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This tournament is the single person tournament and not the tag team tournament. Belows are the details of the tournament:

Date : December 26 2010 (Sunday)
Venue : Gamers Arena 金河廣場The Roof Top (Six Floor Next to Green Box)
Time : 10.00am~6.00pm
Age Limit : 10 years old and above only
Early Bird Registration :RM10.00
Tournament Day : RM15.00(Inclusive of 1 Booster Pack)

1st Prize
1. YUGIOH Booster Box X 5 Box
2. Promo Tournament Pack X 3 PC
3. YUGIOH Rubber Play Mat X 1 PC
4. YUGIOH Card Case & Medal X 1 PC

2nd Prize
1. YUGIOH Booster Box X 3 Box
2. Promo Tournament Pack X 2 PC
3. YUGIOH Rubber Play Mat X 1 PC
4. YUGIOH Card Case & Medal X 1 PC

3rd Prize
1. YUGIOH Booster Box X 2 Box
2. Promo Tournament Pack X 1 PC
3. YUGIOH Rubber Play Mat X 1 PC
4. YUGIOH Card Case & Medal X 1 PC

4th Prize
1. YUGIOH Booster Box X 1 Box
2. Promo Tournament Pack X 1 PC
3. YUGIOH Rubber Play Mat X 1 PC
4. YUGIOH Card Case & Medal X 1 PC

5th to 8th Prize
1. YUGIOH Booster X 8 Pack
2. YUGIOH Rubber Play Mat X 1 PC
Special Notices:
1.The tournament organizer will only allow original Konami Japanese or/and Asia English Version Official Card Game to be used in Official Tournament.
2. The game products on the Asian Forbidden card list [2010-10 version] are not allowed in this tournament. Please visit for more details.
3. Only original Konami Deck Protectors and Card Sleeves can be used in Official Tournament. Card Protector from Academy Duel Disks are not allowed to be used in tournament.
4. All players using transparent/clear card sleeves must also used Konami Deck Protector in order to participate the tournament. 
5. Players must use same color protectors for all decks and side decks.No markings allowed on protectors.
6. Players must possess the 5D's Duelist ID card. 
Rules & Regulations:
1. This tournament is open to all Malaysians age 10 and above only.
2. Entry form are available in at participating retail outlets. Photocopy of entry are allow. 
3. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt. Registration fees are not refundable.
4. Participants are required to register themselves for the tournament latest before 9:30am. Seating arrangement and oppositions will then be designated and announced.
5. The organizer holds all rights to the entries and will bear no responsible for loss of personal belongings and/or personal injuries during the tournament.
6. The decisions of the judges are final and no correspondences will be entertained.
7. The organizer reserves the rights to change any of the prizes at any time without any prior notice.
8. By participating in the tournament, participants are agree to be bounded by the Rule and Regulations of the organizer.

Okay, that's all for today! Thanks for your time. Wish you guys have a nice day and good luck in the tournament.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Angel Strike is Back!

Hey, guys! Konami had just introduced the 20th set of structure deck "Lost Sanctuary" to the OCG. This new structure deck is a great news for all Angel-lovers because this deck is quite valuable to play as it included most of the powerful reprint cards. The whole deck list can be viewed here.

Apart from that, this deck can be play by combining 3 sets of this structure deck. This deck mostly focuses on the Sanctuary of Sky so that the Angel-type monsters can have additional effects. The ace cards in this deck are Master Hyperion and Archlord Kristya. With the aid of Archlord Kristya, angel's player is far more easy to control over their opponent in the same time forbidden opponent to special summon monster(s).

Besides, with the reprint of Archlord Kristya, this also means that OCG countries can play it legally in the tournament. This also means deck of Herald of Perfection is absolutely legal and powerful enough in the OCG countries. Apart from that, deck which mainly focuses on Archlord Kristya can be build and use in tournament from now. This also means that the variety of deck for OCG has been increased and players can have more option of decks to play in the tournament.

As a result, decks which focuses on special summon such as Quickdraw Dandy and Six Samurai may have a difficulty against the Angel deck. Another latest news from the next booster pack "Extreme Victory" are the Machine Emperor sub-members which is Machine Soldier would be included in this booster pack too. However, their effect have not been revealed yet. In addition, the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime series is gonna end up soon in year 2011 and it will be continue with a whole new series called as Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.

Let's us wait and see whether the Six Samurai can be stop by the Angel deck in the OCG. Okay, that's all for today! Thanks for your time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post.