Friday, June 25, 2010

Prediction Result of Malaysia's National Tournament 2010

Still left with 2 more days then is Malaysia's National Tournament.These few days is the most exciting and tension period for all Yugioh players in Malaysia.This is because they need to prepare for this Sunday's National Tournament.

Haha.I will also go for this tournament since I still have free time before I started my new semester.Before the tournament day,I make some prediction result for you guys. Majority of the deck that would appeared in the tournament will be consist of Blackwing, Machine, Quick Dandy, and Infernity.Apart from that,we might see some minority decks such as Watt, Beast Synchro, Gladiator Beast and Lightsworn deck occur in this tournament.

Most of the time,you guys would face with this kind of deck.In order to take good advantage against your opponent,you guys should prepare a good side deck.A good side deck can against most of the current trend decks that I have listed above.At here,I would give some suggestion to you guys so that you guys can have some idea on how to build your side deck.Most of the popular cards that would included in the side deck are D.D. crow, Lightning Vortex, Royal Oppression, Trap Stun, Dust Tornado, Fissure, Consecrated Light, Effect Veiler, some OTK prevention cards and even some good synchro monsters.

I predicted that Blackwing deck will appear in the semifinal and even final.Another deck that may gain into the semifinal or even final would be Machine deck, then followed by Lightsworn. Oh!I almost forgot that Quick Dandy might be the next deck that will be in the list of semifinal since it quite powerful too.

Ok,guys.That's all for today.Hope you guys could make some use of my tips and gain a 7 color result in the tournament.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

27th June National Tournament

Hey,guys!The Malaysia Yu-Gi-Oh! National Tournament coming soon. Following are the details of it.

Date of Tournament:
27th June 2010(Sunday)

Time of Tournament:

Venue of Tournament:

Tournament Format:Knock-out Basis

Champion will be represent Malaysia to Los Angeles for the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010


1. SD19 Dragunity Structure deck's exclusive cards are not allowed to use,reprinted cards are allowed.( I think so because it would less than one month it is released )

2.Korea and Upper card are not allowed in ALL Official tournaments. The tournament organizer will only allow original Konami Japanese or Asia English Version Official Card Game to be used in Official Tournament.

3.Only card game pack that comes together with Konami original software game products are allowed to be used in Official tournament. (Meaning Psp and any other game as long as is a product of Konami can be used)

4. Only original Konami Deck Protectors and Card Sleeves can be used in Official Tournament. Card Protector from Academy Duel Disks are not allowed to be used in tournament.[And also deck protector from starlight road duel disk eg: blue and gold are NOT allowed to use]

5. Double layer deck protector are allow provided the outer layer must be a transparent deck protector. And Players must use same color protectors for all decks and side decks.No markings allowed on protectors

6.Promo card which are reprinted in structure deck are allow or in any booster pack are allowed.

7. The following card game products are not allowed in this tournament:-

a) Academy Duel Disk
b) Card Pack from any Shueisha Magazine, Yu-Gi-Oh! comic or any other English magazines (V Jump, LE.)
c) Dual Terminal Card Pack
d) PP1 , PP2, PP3, PP4, PP8 and PP11

8. All deck size must be 40-60, Extra deck 0-15, Side Deck 0-15

9. All players are to bring their own playmat (ONLY YUGIOH PLAYMAT ARE ALLOW)

10. Any players who found cheating or changing of cards during in the tournament will be disqualify instantly.

11. Judges have all right to disqualify duelist who misconduct and rule violations

12. Judges decision is final



1st Prize
- Air ticket & Accommodation to United States to represent Malaysia to compete in the YUGIOH! WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010! - Yugioh! Booster x 3 boxes - Promo Pack x 4 pc - Duelist Card Protector x 1 pc - Yugioh! Structure Deck x 1 pc - Yugioh! Tournament Medal x 1 pc - Konami Limited Prize x 1 pc

2nd Prize
- Yugioh! Booster x 2 box - Promo Pack x 3 pc - Duelist Card Protector x 1 pc - Yugioh! Tournament Medal x 1 pc - Konami Limited Prize x 1 pc

3rd Prize
- Yugioh! Booster x 1 box - Promo Pack x 2 pc - Duelist Card Protector x 1 pc - Yugioh! Tournament Medal x 1 pc - Konami Limited Prize x 1 pc

4th Prize - Yugioh! Booster x 1 box - Promo Pack x 1 pc - Duelist Card Protector x 1 pc - Konami Limited Prize x 1 pc


1. This tournament is open to all Malaysians. Participants below the age of 21, will require authorization from their parents or legal guardian, in the event of winning any prizes involving overseas travel.

2. Entry forms are available at participating retail outlets. Photocopy of entry forms are allowed.

3. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.

4. Participants are required to register themselves for the tournament latest before 9.30am. Seating arrangements and oppositions will then be designated and announced.

5. The Organizer holds all rights to the entries and will bear no responsibility for loss of personal belongings and/or personal injuries during the tournament.

6. The decisions of the judges are final and no correspondences will be entertained. The Organizer reserves the right to change /substitute any of the prizes at any time without prior notice.

7. For the 1st Prize winner, if under the age of 21, parents or legal guardian must produce a Release of Liability letter within three (3) working days of notification. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and an alternate winner will be selected. It is the sole responsibility of the winner’s parent or legal guardian to obtain necessary visa and other travel related documents. No compensation will be given should the winner failed to obtain such documents, regardless of circumstances.

The event host reserve all rights for the final decision.

That's all for today. Thanks for your reading.