Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tournament Result

The tournament that i mention in the previous post already past by, the total number of duelist attend for the event is around 14 people but the exact number of competitor is 10 person only.

Due to the tournament ban list,lots of the unique deck appears such as Alle(Dark) deck, Magician deck,Effect Damage deck and more. I'm also part of the competitors and judges too but i'm just as a part-time judge. Too bad i don't have a digital camera therefore i don't take any picture of the event but i sure will take some pictures when i have a nice digital camera.

The tournament type is based on score calculation and 5 rounds of match calculation is carry through. Each round stands for minimum 30 minutes and maximum 35 minutes and this time regulation doesn't apply according to the exact tournament time. The exact tournament match time should be 40 minutes and maximum is 45 minutes. To simplify the whole process, i just give the total marks of the players in the blog. The finalist marks are Vincent(14 marks), Ming Honh(13 marks), Myself(13 marks) and Ahmad(13 marks). Since three of us having the same marks therefore we went through 3 more rounds and the result is Ming Honh won over me and Ahmad.

The final result is Vincent won the grand prize, Ming Honh won the 1st prize,myself won the 2nd prize and Ahmad won the 3rd prize. Luckily,i get a copy of Holographic Rare Savior Red Dragon and XX-Saber Hyunlay with 2 pieces of Battle Fader after i open the 5 pack of ABPF booster. Ok, that's all for my tournament result and i end my sharing at here. See you guys next time. Thank you.