Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tournament Situation

Hey, guys!Today I gonna share about the Yugioh Tournament Situation at Asia region excluding Japan. This article is as an extra knowledge for you guys to understand of Asia Tournament trends.

In Asia region, we do apply the world wide ban list and also the region ban list too. The region ban list is a ban list of cards that allow to use in official tournament. This ban list consists of Duel Terminal, Structure Deck, Gold Series, Limited Edition and all ShueiSha magazine or comic's cards. For example, LE cards that has not been reprinted such as Dark End Dragon is not allow to use in Official Tournament. Apart from that, cards from Western countries or we refer as TCG are forbid from used in the Official Tournament too. We only allow to use Japanese or Asia-English version cards in the Official Tournament.

As a result, most of the Asia region lack of decks such as Angel deck, Fable deck, Flamvell deck and others. The decks that we familiar to see during the Official Tournament are Blackwings, Gladiator-Beast, Machina, Lightsworn, Quickdraw Synchro and Infernity. All these decks are easily to build and they are not forbid from being used in the Official Tournament. Apart from that, cards such as Gorz, Emissary of Darkness; Tragodia, Necro Face, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier; Elemental Hero Stratos, Mezuki, Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier  and Golden Sarcophagus are forbid to use in the Official Tournament too.

As I know, this is a policy from the Konami and this policy only apply to Asia region including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. As you guys can see, China is not being listed in the Asia region although Yugioh Trading Card Game has launch for 10 years. May be is the policy of China that forbid Konami to have their office in China. Hopefully, China officially listed in the Konami Asia region soon.

At here, I also like to share a great news about the latest OCG booster pack which is Storm of Ragnarok (STOR). This booster is more emphasize on the support cards for Six Samurai which has been leave out for quite a long time. The new support cards for Six Samurai are extremely great and consider as essential to all Six Samurai players. I personally predict that Six Samurai gonna be the next new trend after the appearance of Blackwings and it might replacing the popularity of Blackwing. However, I also believe that STOR gonna include 5 to 6 pieces of Blackwings cards because the latest preview only show us a piece of Blackwing monster.

Anyway, 2 more weeks later STOR will be release then we can see how the trends of OCG will change. Therefore, let us wait for its release. Thanks for your reading. Stay tuned for my next post. Hope you guys have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prediction card list for Gold Series 2011

Hey, guys! Today I gonna release my prediction card list for the Gold Series 2011 in OCG. This card list may not be 100% correct but just as a reference to you guys.

Below are the cards that I predict to be reprint in GS03:
Elemental Hero Prisma
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Snipe Hunter
Mist Wurm
Trishula, Ice Boundary Dragon
DD Warrior Lady
Reflect Bounder
Caius,The Shadow Monarch
Chaos Sorcerer
Necro Gardna

Smashing Ground
Dark Hole
Pot of Avarice
Nobleman Crossout
Cold Wave
Reinforcement of The Army
Golden Sarcophagus
Hand Destruction
Enemy Controller
Destiny Draw

Seven tools of the bandit
Royal Oppression
Mind Crush
Ojama Trio
Trap Dustshoot

Among the 26 cards that I listed above, some of them already reprint in GLD03. According to my notice, previous GSs will reprint several cards that has been reprint in GLD. Apart from that, most of the cards I listed here was listed in the limit and semi-limit card list before this or staying in the limit and semi-limit card list. Therefore I think that most of them will be reprint in GS03.

However, I do hope that some cards such as Light and Darkness Dragon, Tragodia, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Red Eye Black Metal Dragon, Manticore of Darkness, Mezuki, Treeborn Frog, Dark End Dragon and Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier to be reprint so that almost all Asia can use these cards during National Championship. I think most of the players will agree to my opinion for reprint cards such as LADD and DED because these cards are consider as essential to any kind of deck. Without these cards, the National Championship is far more bore because deck variety is too little. In additional, with these cards, we will be more familiar with them and can use them effectively during the World Championship.

Ok, that's all I gonna discuss today. Thanks for reading my post. Stay tuned for my next post and wish you all have a nice day.