Monday, October 22, 2012

Card Ruling of DP13

Hey, guys! Sorry for less updating my blog and today I will share some of my thought regrading the shift of meta deck. Just few days ago, Konami revealed some of the great cards to be release in the upcoming booster, Cosmo Blazer(CBLZ).

Similar with previous year, this booster gonna introduce new theme and most of the cards release in this booster will affect the trend of meta decks. One of the most obvious part is the release of Flaming Star/Firestar and Heraldic support cards. With these cards, a lot of old theme deck may alive due to their presence.

I personally feel that Heraldic is the descendant of Scrap and they might inherent the destruction power of Inzektor soon. So far, Heraldic can easily Xyz summon any rank 4 monster and they do have their own monster reborn. Thus most of the time Xyz summon for them is not longer -1 issue and Xyz monster will become their major boss.

I feel that Heraldic may rise to Tier 1 before or during March 2013. Apart from that, SD24 is a major boost for old cards such as Manticore of Darkness, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and etc. They also have the support of boss monster and it can act as a finisher at certain moment. Similar with SD22, SD24 might become Tier 1 after this.

With the rise of these decks, graveyard is still the most important component in the game play. Therefore, any card that can get rid of graveyard will remain in one of the side deck choice. As a result, Compulsory Evacuation Device is still one of the best card to get rid of annoying boss or defense wall.

Besides that, let me share some new rulings of cards from Duelist Pack 13: Kite(DP13). Below are the details of each card.

Q1: What are the categories of its effect?
A1: Upper part effect is Quick effect while the remainder effect is Ignition effect.

Q2: Can I activate its effect for turning my damage become 0 during Damage Step?
A2: No, you cannot activate it during Damage Step.

Q3: Is it the effect of my damage become 0 included the battle damage of my monster become 0 as well?
A3: No, only player's damage will becomes 0 while monster's damage will not becomes 0.

Galaxy Knight
Q1: When I control Photon token monster on the field, can I normal summon this card without tribute monster?
A1: Yes, you can do so.

Q2: When I don't have Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon in the graveyard and I control "Photon" or "Galaxy" monster on the field, can I normal summon it without tribute monster?
A2: Yes, you can do so.

Q3: I don't have Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon in the graveyard and I normal summon this card with its effect, since I got no Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon to be SS, would Galaxy Knight's ATK reduce 1000 until the End Phase?
A3: Yes, its ATK will still reduce 1000.

Q4: During the resolution of its effect, Galaxy Knight is no longer face-up on the field and cannot reduce 1000 ATK, can I still SS Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from the graveyard?
A4: No, you cannot SS Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from the graveyard if its ATK cannot reduce 1000.

Q5: When this card's effect is resolving and any card's effect that caused this card ATK below 1000, can I SS Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from the graveyard?
A5: Yes, you still can SS Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from the graveyard.

Q6: The effect of selecting Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon in the graveyard is targeting effect?
A6: Yes, it is targeting effect.

Radiant Photon Paradios
Q1: What is the categories of its 1st effect?
A1: Its effect is Ignition effect.

Q2: For its 1st effect, can I target non-effect monster?
A2: Yes, you can.

Q3: For its 1st effect, can I target the monster with ATK 0?
A3: No, you cannot do so.

Q4: If its 1st effect is resolving and the targeted monster's ATK change to 0 due to other card's effect, would the negation effect still applied?
A4: No, it won't be applied.

Q5: If this card is battle destroyed by opponent's monster, can I activate its 2nd effect?
A5: Yes, you can.

Q6: When Shining Angel was targeted by this card effect, can my opponent resolve its effect?
A6: The effect that activate at graveyard cannot be negated, as a result, your opponent can activate its effect to SS monster as normally.

Q7: Can I target the monster that have been targeted by Forbidden Chalice? If so, how do I calculate its ATK?
A7: Yes, you can target it and its ATK becomes 0.

Q8: If the monster's ATK is 0 due to the applied of this card's 1st effect(original ATK is 1400) and it is targeted by effect of Shrink, how do I calculate its ATK?
A8: Its ATK becomes half of its original ATK which is 700. After the End Phase, its ATK will return to 1400.

Galaxy Expedition
Q: When this card's effect is resolving and the level 5 or above of "Photon" or "Galaxy" monster no longer on the field, would the SS effect still resolve?
A: Yes, it would resolve normally.

Galaxy Zero
Q1: Would the prevent monster from destroy effect start a chain link?
A1: No.

Q2: Would the effect of the equipped monster's ATK becomes 0 start a chain link?
A2: Yes, it would.

Q3: If this card targeted by Raiza the Storm Monarch and return to the top deck, would the effect of equipped monster's ATK becomes 0 activate?
A3: Under Regulation/Unconfirmed yet.

Q4: When this card is equip and Forbidden Lance targeted the equipped monster, can I activate equipped monster's effect and declare attack?
A4: Yes, you can.

Q5: If Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon's ATK becomes 0 due to this card's effect and Shrink targeted on Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, how do I calculate its ATK?
A5: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon's ATK will becomes 1500. If the effect of Shrink is no longer applied after the end of end Phase, its ATK will returns to its Original ATK which is 3000.

Q6: During the Battle Phase, if this card and the equipped monster is destroyed by card effect that simultaneously destroy cards on the field such as Icarus Attack and etc, would the equipped monster left on the field?
A6: No, in such case, the effect that prevent the equipped monster from destroy cannot be applied thus equipped monster will be destroyed as well.

Okay, that's all I wanna share with you guys! Thanks for your time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post.