Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Official March 2013 Ban List

Hey, guys! Due to busy with my Chinese New Year celebration, thus update for post also delay. Today I will share with you guys for the Yugioh latest March 2013 list. This ban list had killed Wind-Up most important key card and TGU greatest partner. As a result, I predict that Wind-Up and TGU price in OCG will drop.

Without wasting your time, let us review what cards that affected by the March 2013 list.

Forbidden/Ban List:
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

Limited/Restricted List(Max 1 piece in deck):
Wind-Up Magician
One Day of Peace
Solemn Warning

Semi-Limited/Semi-Restricted List(Max 2 pieces in deck):
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Advanced Ritual Art

No-Longer Limited/Restricted(Max 3 pieces in deck):
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Shien's Smoke Signal
Mind Crush

Overall, this is the 1st list that affected the least cards for whole Yugioh environment. Same like previous year, Konami still not decide to hit any cards for Meta that formed after the effective of September 2012 list. With this list, some of the tier 2 decks may rise to tier 1 again. Dark World may back to stage again to compete with most of the Meta due to the unlimit of Mind Crush.

This time Konami had decided to shut down the main key of Wind-Up by banning Carrier Zenmaity and limit the play of Magician. Therefore, the speed of Wind-Up deck will drastically slow down and OTK lesser to happen. TKRO is limit to 2 copies so that search engine and SS of monster hardly to be block by it.

Many people still doubt regarding the limit of One Day of Peace and Solemn Warning. For me, hitting Solemn Warning is reasonable because Konami want us to have more aggressive play rather than defensive play and increase the game speed. One Day of Peace is an important key for decks such as FTK Exodia, Final Countdown, Prophecy and etc so that they can stay longer.

The unlimit of Kalut and Lumina may not significantly provoke the play of Blackwing and Lightsworn in the tournament due to their speed is slower compare with most of the Meta today. However, the unlimit of Shien's Smoke Signal may increase the speed of Six Samurai a little bit. Anyway, Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En still in 1 copy thus the deck flow still balance.

Apart from that, we may see that synchro-oriented deck compete in World Championship 2013 soon. I predict this situation may occur due to the upcoming booster, Judgment of The Light introduce some new synchro monster and new tuner as well. Hopefully synchro monster will not just release in this booster but other booster as well.

Besides that, for those that have tried of Incarnate Dragon, it is a well-build theme card and you can play the deck very easily. It is a nice deck that well-designed by Konami and luckily all their effects can only be activate Once per turn. Else this deck is much powerful than Inzektor. This deck allow you to Xyz summon Number 11: Big Eye easily.

Okay, that's all I want to share with you guys. Thanks for your time and hereby I wish you guys have a nice day. Stay tuned for my next post.