Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are you kidding with me again, Konami?

Hey, guys! Today I will share the news regarding the upcoming SD, SD23 that will be released in OCG within 2 more weeks. The new SD is surrounding with the theme of Sea-Serpent and many rare cards is reprinted in this SD. Eg, Abyss Soldier, Snowman Eater, Pot of Avarice, Chain Disappearance and etc.

This SD also have a TCG exclusive card which is Lost Blue Breaker and it is firstly reprint in this SD for OCG. Therefore, it is a good combo for Deep Sea Diva to destroy the set card of your opponent. It can also enable you to synchro summon level 5 monster with the help of Deep Sea Diva.

This SD is totally focus on the effect of Deep Sea Diva and those Atlantean monster. However, I still can't figure out its cover card, Atlantean Dragon Poseidra can generate what kind of advantage compare with the previous SD cover cards. Besides that, it also not easy to SS compare with previous SD cover cards because it requires 3 level 3 sea-serpent to SS from the hand or graveyard.

The upcoming booster pack, Abyss Rising(ABSY)'s Mermail is a boost to this SD and it can combine with this SD easily. Hopefully, you guys will try to combine and play it because I can see that the mechanism of the Mermail can combine with this SD although they are belong to 2 different types. Anyway, please try it before you conclude the play style of this SD.

The discussion for the SD will be ended here and I will continue with my strategy play here. Basically, if I were to play any of the deck, I will try to find out the key card(s) and how the combo works around. If I haven't figure it out, then I will not compete in any of the events because I want to make sure myself is fully understood of my build so that I can generate huge advantages from the play.

However, I will play test my deck every time in DN or real life so that I can have the feel of the deck build. Anyway, I won't believe the result of play test in DN because the result is not as accurate as the life time duel. Always try to spend your time and play your deck face-to-face with you friends so that you can learn from the play and correct your play as time go by.

Apart from that, do observation on your friend's play and always figure several times for your next move before you decide to play the move. You need to think wisely what is the move that enable you to generate huge advantages. With this thought, you will able to play your game wisely and a step forward from your opponent.

Besides that, always observe the way your opponent play the game. Through the observation, you can know how to slow it down or disturb the tempo. You should also practice have no facial expression when you are dueling. This is to avoid your opponent can know how bad situation you are facing now. Many of the top players will have this attitude and you may thought it as arrogant.

Okay, that's all I gonna share to you guys today! Thanks for your time and wish you guys have a nice day! Please stay tuned for my next post and don't hesitate to leave any comments here.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Headache for siding cards?

Hey, guys! Sorry for long time not updating my blog due to I'm too busy with my current job. Today I'm back for posting some side deck recommendation to you guys so that you guys can have some preparation for the WCQ that almost comes to the corner.

Before I proceed to the main topic of this post, I would like to re-answer how does Soul Drain can stop the Rabbit Laggia combo. I have make a wrong answer regarding this question and I apologize based on the wrong answer that provided by me previously. Soul Drain can't stop the effect of Rescue Rabbit from activate due to its effect is activate from the field.

Now we left with 4 more weeks to prepare for the World Championship Qualifier at Malaysia. Hopefully, everyone will think of their side decks carefully and many Tier 1.5 or 2 decks will compete in this event thus please over-rated of the Malaysia's environment. I can predict that TG Agent Fairy, Six Samurai, Gravekeeper, Dark World, Machina Geargia and etc will enter the top 16 due to many players will not well prepare for their side to against these decks.

Okay, let's me introduce some OCG Official side cards that can be used to against most of the META decks.
1. Overworked/Compulsory Evacuation Device
With the overwhelmed of Inzektor and some Heroic OTK deck, you can shut them down instantly with Overworked. CED can be included in your side if you lack of Forbidden Lance and it is good to get rid of most of the Synchro or Xyz monster.

2. Chain Disappearance/Mischief of the Yokai
Chain Disappearance is one of the best cards that should be included in your side deck to against most of the META deck such as Rescue Rabbit, Inzektor and etc. Apart from that, it can help to combo with Mind Crush. Mischief of the Yokai can be used to interrupt most of the META decks so that they can't Xyz or Synchro summon so easily. Eg, Inzektor, Rabbit Laggia, Hieratic, Wind-Up and etc.

3. D.D Crow/Maxx C/Effect Veiler
D.D Crow is a must for almost every deck and this card can be put in side at almost any format. Useful against Dark World, Machina, Inzektor and etc. Maxx C is useful when you meet with Wind-Up, Hieratic, HC OTK, Machina or etc deck that heavily rely on OTK/FTK whereas Effect Veiler is extremely useful in this environment because you can shut down almost any monster effect that activate on the field.

4. Royal Decree/Trap Stun
Many of the META decks will focus on the amount of traps in their deck and this card can shut the trap plays for several moments.

5. Forbidden Lance/Forbidden Chalice
Most of the time when you enter 2nd match, your opponent will side in a lot of spell/trap and you can stop those spell/trap by using Lance. In order to shut down yours or your opponent monster effect, you can use Chalice to temporary shut it down.

6. Cyber Dragon & Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
Cyber Dragon is one of the machine monster that almost can be fill into any deck so that you can get rid of Machina Fortress, Geargiganto X, Wind-Up Zenmaines and etc machine-type monster easily with the fusion summon of Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

7. My Body As Shield/Safety Zone
A cheaper substitution card for players that lack of Forbidden Lance since so many cards capable to destroy your monster nowadays. Eg, Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute, BTH, Lair Wire and etc.

8. Soul Drain/Skill Drain
With Soul Drain, you can against most of the META decks because some of the META deck monster effect is activate from the graveyard or banish zone. Eg, Hieratic, Dark World, Madolche and etc. Skill Drain can help you to lock down most of your opponent's monster effect from resolving and with protection of traps you able to generate advantages.

9. Snowman Eater/Ryko
Both of them capable to destroy any monster on the field or slow down the tempo. Useful when you meet with Rabbit Laggia, Machina and etc.

10. Puppet Plant/Electric Virus
Both cards capable to steal your opponent monster for a turn. However, due to the increase of OTK in the OCG environment, both cards may not be as effective as we thought now.

11. Morhing Jar 2/Neos Grand Mole/Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
Morphing Jar 2 capable to shut down the OTK of Hieratic or Machina Geargia, I think Hieratic player will feel pain when they saw this card during the 2nd game. Neos Grand Mole is a card that can beat any monster that have higher attack than it whereas Galaxy-Eyes is almost flawless & undead during the Battle Step.

12. Swift Scarecrow/Battle Fader/Tragoedia
These cards are useful when you meet with Hieratic, Machina, HC OTK and etc. They can save your life on time. However, Japanese more prefer Swift Scarecrow because it won't occupy your monster zone thus you can have 1 more monster slot to do your combo. Tragoedia is a bit risky to be used in most of the decks because it rely on the number of hand that you are controlling.

13. The Transmigration Prophecy/Fiendish Chain
This card can slow down the play of Hornet, Hieratic, Wind-Up or Grapha and most important part is it is chainable thus it can be used to bait MST, Grapha, Heavy Storm, Raigeki Break and etc. Fiendish Chain may be included to against most of the META deck especially Wind-Up, Inzektor, Machina and etc.

14. Mind Crush/Macro Cosmos/Banisher of the Radiance
Mind Crush is best card for Dark World because they can use to combo DW monster or stop their opponent play for a while. Nowadays, most of the META decks will show their hand through the effect of searcher such as ROTA, Sangan, Centipede, Snoww and etc thus you will less having blind activation anymore. Macro Cosmos and Banisher of the Radiance can banish any card that is sent to the graveyard so that some of the combo can't be play normally.

15. Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror/Light-Imprisoning Mirror
Most of the META decks are surrounded with the Light or Dark attribute monster thus this card can negate their effect and slow down their play. Some time, it may even cause your opponent lose the game.

16. Summon Limit/Mask of Restrict
As recommended by LGQ, this card is quite useful to against current META such as Hieratic, Rabbit Laggia, Gadget Offering, Machina Geargia, Wind-Up, Six Sam and etc. Mask of Restrict is one of the card that can stop the combo of Hieratic, Frog Monarch and any decks that heavily rely on releasing monster so that can gained the effect of the monster.

17. Tribe-Shocking Virus/Gozen Match
Tribe-Shocking Virus is useful when you are having mirror match and nowadays many of the META decks surround with the same type of monster. Gozen Match useful to against Six Samurai, Rabbit Laggia, Wind-Up and etc.

18. Raigeki Break/Phoenix Wind Wing Blast/Lair Wire
These few cards quite important and can be see in almost many deck today because it is chainable and can target any card on the field with little or no cost due to the effect of CardCar D. Lair Wire is quite helpful in Inzektor due to it can helps to banish your Dragonfly so that Leviair combo can be perform and destroy your opponent monster on the field instantly.

Besides that, I will share a latest ruling from Konami. The latest ruling regarding Number 25: Focus Force have been updated not long ago and its effect cannot be activate during the Damage Step thus it is a much more weaker version of Photon Streak Bounzer. Apart from that, I can see the rise of a new force that runs the same engine as Junk Doppel after the applied of September 2012 ban list. Thus please be ready for it.

Okay, that's all I wanna share for today. Thanks for your precious time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post.

Friday, May 4, 2012

TCG finally synchronize with OCG? Yes, no doubt!

Hey, guys! Finally TCG is synchronize with the OCG and we no longer have the priority for activate the Ignition monster effect. In OCG, we have explain the whole thing very clearly and completely. However, TCG explanation is a bit complex but still follow the rules of OCG. This is the most great news to all OCG players because we have practicing it for 1 year above. The number of Rabbit Laggia and Wind-Up players may drop drastically while Inzektor, Hieratic and Dark World players may increase drastically.

Effect Veiler will become much and much expensive after this in TCG and TCG players will find difficulty to pull the SCR Card Car D from GAOV. However, this situation may not last for a long time because as I predicted Konami will reprint them in the tin box soon(TCG). Oops! TCG have reprinted Effect Veiler in the Order of Chaos: Special Edition. Besides that, the new structure deck that gonna released in OCG is a deck that oriented with Deep Sea Diva combo and it is similar with the SD22 that oriented with the REMDD combo.

I can foresee that the deck will have a field spell that can add 1 level 4 or below sea-serpent monster from the deck and mill 1 sea-serpent from the deck with the cost of banish a sea-serpent from the graveyard so that we can search the Deep Sea Diva much more easily. By just looking at the effect of the cover card of SD23, I can see that its 2nd effect is used to combo with its field spell so that players can re-use of its effect again. I also hope that its new trap will be far more useful than previous trap card in other SD. Hopefully Konami will make this deck as the Tier 1.5 materials so that more players can join the joy of duels.

Hieratic will be officially released in TCG and let us see how far can this deck dominate OCG and TCG. Soon we will see Inzektor, Hieratic, Wind-Up, Dark World, Rabbit Laggia at least in the semi-final list of World Qualifier Championship 2012 and I can feel that the final of World Championship 2012 will be interesting because variety of decks is competing in the event. Although many players may not agree the act of Konami for releasing theme cards such as Inzektor, Hieratic and etc, I still want to thanks it for providing the fair skill play in the game although you guys might feel that most of the decks seems like auto-piloting.

Even the deck have the auto-pilot engine, you still required skills so that you can bait your opponent to enter your comfort zone. Comfort zone is an environment where you will enjoy yourself and do the thing according to your like or an environment where you would feel familiar and allow you to do usual stuffs easily. You might think that comfort zone as the strategy/tactic of the game but it does included your tempo, sensors(including your six sense) and whatever that you would have/feel during the duel. With comfort zone, you can unleashed your deck power easily and can owned your opponent when the time is right.

Many of the players haven't see the important of comfort zone and tends to rush when their opponent is in the comfort zone. In order to take control of the game, always remember to create your own comfort zone when the time is mature. Some of the players like to listen to their favorite music when they are dueling and this is an act to create their own comfort zone. No matter you are playing MTG, Yugioh, Gundam or any trading card game, you still need to create comfort zone. This is the basic of playing trading card game.

Apart from the comfort zone, you also required to have understanding towards your extra and side deck. Many of the players did not plan well for the side deck and this stuff have been mentioned by K'yde Ren in Digital Mortal thus I won't discuss it anymore. You also required to fully utilize of your side deck. Never ever forget your extra deck's monster especially during critical period and do check your side deck if you have forget what else extra monster left in your extra deck.

Eg, you have Monster Reborn and Pot of Duality in your hand while you have no monster on field and left with 2500LP. Your opponent have 1  Maestroke the Symphony Djinn with 1 Xyz material overlay on it and he have no set card and no hand card and left with 1000LP. Your graveyard have 1 Blade Armor Ninja(being negated by Warning), 4 level Vanilla monster, 1 Heroic Champion Excallibur, 1 Photon Slasher, 1 T.G. Striker, 1 Number 39: Utopia while your opponent graveyard have only 1 Card Car D and 1 Hornet. Thus what is best solution for you to stay longer if you have 1 Number C39: Utopia Ray, 1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, 2 Heroic Champion Excallibur and 1 Brionac?

For me, I would choose to reborn Utopia but not Striker because I still can use Utopia to Xyz summon Utopia Ray and use it to stay for longer period. If you prefer to use POD then you may face the problem of without monster on the field(no Reborn Tengu at all). Furthermore, Utopia Ray can be used to reduce the Xyz material of Maestroke so that he can't win you instantly. Anyway, the situation may vary according to your experience and your strategy to create the comfort zone.

Okay, that's all I gonna share today. Thanks for your precious time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post.