Monday, June 18, 2012

Chaos Dragon Owning Malaysia WCQ 2012 Final

Hey, guys! Today I will post a short post regarding the result of Malaysia World Championship Qualifier 2012 Final. Similar with Malaysia Asian Championship Selection 2011 Final, Tan Sung Lee regain his champion title by using Chaos Dragon and this is the 1st time for having Chaos Dragon owning in the Asian format. The final deck list consist of Chaos Dragon, Inzektor, Hieratic and another deck list I have forgotten(Oops, poor memory! My bad).

Chaos Dragon is a deck which has the same synergy as Junk Doppel and it won't be easily disrupted by the tempo of opponent deck. It has the destruction power where Junk Doppel once have it before (Lightsworn Lyla & Ryko) and it can easily come out those boss monster from nowhere. The most important part is it can OTK most of the decks easily and it is the natural disaster for Inzektor.

Although it might not as good as Hieratic but with the correct build, it can overcome the weaknesses of against Hieratic thus it is a much more flexible choice compare with pure Hieratic. Apart from that, its speed can be maintain without losing too much of defense and seldom have hand clogging issue compare with Hieratic.

For those Inzektor players at TCG, you guys should try to play the Card Trooper build instead of OTK or Card CarD build. Today I have play test with this build for few hours and the result of having 2 Card Trooper with 3 CoTH is damn good. You almost can add any card from the deck to your hand and do your combo easily. Besides that, you can SS BLS much more easily with this build.

Hopefully, you guys will try the build because it is different from the TGU that you guys seen in TCG and I personally think that it might be fit to TCG environment. Furthermore, you guys may main 1 Tragoedia so that you can reduce the chance of being OTK. Okay, that's all I gonna share to you guys today! Thanks for your time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Malaysia WCQ is coming to the corner!

Hieratic - another META other than Inzektor in OCG format

Hey, guys! I'm back. Sorry for not updating so frequently. This is due to I'm too busy with my current job and I have spend more than 48 hours per week just for completing the task on time. Anyway, I will still spend my time for sharing my thoughts and knowledge with you guys.

So I will join WCQ 2012 this time due to I didn't join the ACS 2012 during last time. Although this is my 5th time(including this time) for joining this event, I still have the feeling of nervousness during the tournament. Hopefully, I can overcome this feeling and perform well during the event.

Many of the Yugioh players keep on quitting from Yugioh and kick-start at Card Fight!Vanguard especially those that just learn to play Yugioh not long ago. Yugioh is a TCG where you would need a lot of skill and knowledge plus some luck, CFV is much more straight forward compare with Yugioh because they more focus on luck and some skill play.

The biggest difference among Yugioh and CFV is Yugioh allow you to play mind/strategy game whereas CFV lack of it. Many of the players blame on the inflation of Yugioh but they haven't realize the inflation of CFV also increase drastically. Many of the players still thought CFV is cheap card game but the truth is the price of building a CFV deck is started increasing nowadays.

In Yugioh, most of the useful card is harder to pull out from the booster. The same thing is happening on CFV now. Thus please don't be surprise if you feel that CFV also applied the same business strategy as Yugioh because they also want to increase the sales. I'm not bias with CFV but all these conclusion are made after I have analyzed the Bushiroad marketing strategy.

Most of the time, only certain deck in Yugioh would have the same engine while most of the CFV deck would have the same engine. As a result, CFV less emphasize on the skill play while Yugioh players need to emphasize on the skill play due to some decks lack of the engine to work around. Yugioh allow player to play psychology game as well. These are the uniqueness of Yugioh.

For those whose plan to join WCQ, please bear in mind that have enough of rest before the day of event and play test your deck as much as possible before you join the event. Those whose not qualified in top 16 including myself would find difficulty into the other top 16 spots due to the tournament format is single-elimination. Therefore, please prepare yourself as confident as possible.

Before I ended my post, I would like to share a ruling regarding Inzektor Hornet/Gruf. They are treated as EQUIP SPELL card when it is send from the field to the graveyard and the effect that apply when they are treated as equip card(Increase level and 500 atk point) is treated as EQUIP SPELL card effect. Thus Forbidden Lance also can't drop them off from the equipped monster.

When they are send from the field to the graveyard to activate their effect(destruction/increase level), the effect is an cost and treated as EQUIP SPELL card effect thus even Divine Wrath or Herald of Perfection also can't stop it. Their effect are activate from the field thus Soul Drain can't prevent their effect from activate.

Okay, that's all I gonna share today. Thanks for your precious time and wish you guys good luck in preparing the WCQ that gonna held next Sunday. Please stay tuned for my next post.