Friday, July 23, 2010

Starstrike Blast is Coming!

Hey, guys!Although I have start my study recently but I still wanna discuss about the latest good cards to you guys. This time I will discuss about Starstrike Blast(STBL) that already released on 17 July 2010 for OCG. This booster pack is the 7th series of Yugioh Official Card Game and its cover was shooting star dragon. This booster pack also included some useful cards such as Swift-attacking Scarecrow which has the effect similar to battle fader but lack of the ability to special summon on the field. Its full effect is when your opponent declare direct attack, you can send this card to the graveyard to end this turn battle phase.

Moreover, this booster still included the supported cards for scrap monsters especially scrap searcher. There also included a new series of monsters card such as Karakuri which is a whole
new series of machine type monsters. Karakuri is a series of machine monster which has the first effect of Berserk Gorilla which was it must declare attack when it was able to attack. Apart from that, most of the Karakuri's monster will change to defense position if opponent selected attack position Karakuri's monster as target of attack then it will automatically switch itself to face-up defense position. Most of the Karakuri's monster has special effect such as special summon Karakuri's name monster to the field and others.

Furthermore, I would like to recommend a whole new card for Blackwing players that is the Black Back which was a useful card for Blackwing deck because this is a Blackwing version monster reborn but it can only revive Blackwing monster which has attack point not more than 2000 and it also not allowed the user of this card to normal summon anymore in this turn. Watt monster also has new supporting cards in this booster pack.

Next good card will be the Scar-Red Nova Dragon and Formula Synchron. Scar-Red Nova Dragon is much more better than Shooting Star Dragon and its effect is quite useful compare with Shooting Star Dragon. It also far more easy to synchro summon compare with Shooting Star Dragon because its star level are far more higher compare with Shooting Star Dragon and its synchro summon condition is far more easy because it just required 2 tuner monster and Red Daemon's Dragon. Formula Synchron is a whole new concept of synchro summon monster. It allows the owner of this card to synchro summon synchro monster in opponent's turn and its effect for synchro summon is consider as not a cost whereas is part of its effect. It also allows the owner to draw a card when it successfully synchro summon. Thus, this card would be a good card for all players whose focusing on synchro summon.

Okey, my discussion will end at here. Thanks for the reading. Have a nice day, guys.