Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who will conquer final of ACQ at Thailand?

Elemental Dragons

Hey, guys! I'm back to blogging again. Malaysia ACQ just ended not long ago and is time for us to speculate what deck will dominate the final of ACQ. So far the finalist for each country ACQ consist of Evilswarm/Verz, Elemental/Incarnate Dragon, Prophecy and Mermail. The final stage of ACQ will be held at Thailand and each country champion will represent their country to compete in the event on 27th April 2013.

*E.Dragon=Elemental/Incarnate Dragon, FF=Fire Fist

Most of the time WCQ environment will be the replicate of ACQ environment, thus please stay tuned for it so that you can ready for WCQ much earlier. This time I saw a lot of E.Dragon appear in my country ACQ although the deck is bloody pricy(a deck that can cost RM1k++). As usual, most of my country players don't expect the swarming of E. Dragon deck in ACQ thus siding may not be ready for it. Nevertheless, E.Dragon is much stable now due to the release of its baby version dragon.

As a result, E. Dragon dominate the semi-final of Malaysia and Singapore ACQ. E.Dragon is just too good and currently their main opponent is Prophecy then only goes to Evilswarm. Prophecy can lock down E.Dragon by just having a Jowgen the Spiritualist and have full hand to against E.Dragon. If E.Dragon met with Prophecy then the winning ratio will be 50:50. Prophecy can build up their defense within a turn thus E.Dragon can be beat down if nothing wrong is happen.

Although Evilswarm can lock down E.Dragon and Prophecy easily, they are inconsistent. Therefore, they need Infestation Infection to exchange their hand. Evilswarm is good to against those 2 decks but they are bad to Fire Fist Tri/3-Axis Fire Fist due to FF can get rid Ophion easily through battle or Bear. Besides that, Evilswarm monster ATK point much lower than FF due to the help of Fire Formation.

So if nothing goes wrong, Prophecy may won the final of ACQ. However, I think with the release of Judgment of the Light(JOTL), FF will become super effective to against E.Dragon and Prophecy if they manage to build the consistency. 3-axis FF may be the major threat in WCQ 2013 as they have plenty of support card and its swarming mechanism quite similar with Junk Doppel. Thus do not look down this deck as they can wreck Prophecy and E.Dragon with sufficient of side.

Before I ended my post, I would like share a ruling where most of you may not seen before. If your opponent have LADD ATK position on the field and its ATK is less than your Brotherhood of Fire Fist - Bear, you perform attack with Bear and manage to destroy LADD during Damage Step. Right after After Damage Calculation, you will activate effect of Bear and LADD can negate your Bear effect as long as its ATK/DEF not less than 800/400 due to it have not sent to the graveyard. Thus please beware of this ruling.

Okay, that's all I wanna share with you guys. Thanks for your precious time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post and I will discuss how to side against E.Dragon in next post.

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