Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1st ever most competitive WCQ!

Hey, guys! Today I would like to share my personal view on meta change. Extra Pack - Sword of Knights has been officially released to OCG. This is the 1st time OCG synchronize with TCG so that during WCQ we can have similar card pool to play. As a result, I expect we will have much interesting side-decking techniques and only competitive decks can survive in this environment. Apart from that, first time ever most of the Asia countries will be introduced with new format of tournament.

The new format started implement during WCQ 2013 and basically we will held the tournament similar with TCG environment. The tournament will be break into 2 days event which is day 1 preliminary of top 32 qualifiers and day 2 is for 32 seeders and top 32 qualifiers on day 1. This time we will have knock-out basis/single elimination on day 1 and Swiss format tournament on day 2. So for those that will compete during 2 days event, stamina and concentration will be the key for you to survive till day 2.

I bet Elemental Dragon will still conquer the OCG environment and they may even conquer TCG environment as well. Due to all the Elemental Dragon rarities are below R except their extra deck thus I expect a high percentage of people will playing it. In the end, we will a format where Elemental Dragon is the dominance in WCQ. I personally think that not much players affordable to play Prophecy as they are very bloody expensive in TCG environment due to most of their cards are in highest rarity.

Besides that, Evilswarm also started landed at TCG environment thus Evilswarm may be one of the choice to against both deck as most of the decks hard to cope with their speed and Evilswarm can temporary lock them down by standing Ophion on field. However, if we regularly check out the deck choice that compete in major tournaments especially in Japan, we will found that Evilswarm is less topping since mid of April 2013. The reason behind this is Evilswarm not so easy to against both decks as both of them can generate OTK easily once they stop your Ophion from face-up on the field.

I think some of the players still haven't figure out what is the main reason Elemental Dragon dominating OCG. FYI, they have the ability of destroy, search, grave SS, mill and swarming where all of the element that a competitive deck must have. One of the major reason why Elemental Dragon is so strong and stable is due to the occurrence of  Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. With it, you can perform attack or defense easily. Aside from that, it enable you to get rid of back row almost without cost or force your opponent to waste more resources in order to get rid of it.

2nd reason is they can Xyz summon Number 11: Big Eye easily and use it to steal your monster so that you lost your defense wall. 3rd reason is they can swarm the field without performing any normal summon. Averagely, all of the level 7 Elemental Dragon ATK are more than 2k except Redox thus they can beat you down even without Xyz summon. Moreover, Judgment of the Light(JOTL) has been released to the OCG environment 2 weeks ago. Quite some amount of good cards were printed in this booster.

However, those cards would not cause a drastic change to the current meta environment. Just few new archetype of cards been introduced to the game such as Mesmerizing Maneater, Bujin and Umbralis are quite interesting as their combo is pretty nice and easy to play. Quite a number of Mono Mermail topping during last week Japanese major tournaments thus we might see a lot of Mono Mermail after this. Let us see how effective Mono Mermail against tier 0, Elemental Dragon and Prophecy.

Okay, that's all I want to share with you guys. Thanks for your time and wish you guys have a nice day. Please stay tuned for my next post.

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