Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Trick Your Opponent for Misplaying Legally

Hey, guys! Today I would like to discuss about misplay. Many of the players try to avoid from misplay especially during the big event and I knew you guys will think I will discuss the tactics of how to avoid from misplay. However, I would like to share the opposite of it, which is how to make your opponent misplay as much as possible legally.

Yu-Gi-Oh is a game that requires both player to interact with each other no matter physically or mentally. You can trick them by using your body language, orally or both. To effectively making use of your body language, you will need the skill of acting. You can act like very cool especially when you are in a critical period. In such situation, your opponent may play less aggressively therefore you may survive for 1 more turn.

If you want to bait your opponent for using all his/her resource to OTK you, you can act like very nervous and if he/she unable to read through your mind, then he/she probably will fall into your trap and next turn you can turn the table around. However, a pro player will not easily fall into this kind of trap thus be aware of it. Body language is the most effective way to bait your opponent but it also requires some sort of acting skill thus not much people able to make use of it effectively.

Apart from that, you can also smiling or laughing your opponent while he/she were performing any action(although you don't have any set card). Through this way, they may stop for a while and re-think of how should they play because they afraid that the smile or laugh is a sign of having enough of protection to survive till next turn. However, this method may not be work some time because pro players will analyze the whole situation before they do any action.

I have seen this tactic during Malaysian WCQ Year 2007(if I not mistaken). My opponent was playing Horus the Black Flame Dragon and during those time most of the deck focus on heavy back row while not much of powerful effect monster. By playing Spell and Trap lock down deck, most of the time we can win the game easily. During that time I were lock down by this combo and I tried to play defensively, he keep on laughing loudly and said that "I can foresee that you will lose the game! Hahaha!". By doing so he already weaken my confidence and in the end I have lose the game.

Others than using your body language, you can also play around your opponent orally. You can try to shark your opponent for the consequences of extended play. Example, you have only 1 copies of CED at your back row but your opponent have 3 monster that can OTK you if they want. You keep on sharking him/her that "Beware of my set cards as it might be Mirror Force! Don't try to attack with full force else you will be regret!". In this way, you may survive for 1 more turn. I have seen some of the players using this trick numerous of time and it did works most of the time.

You can also shark your opponent for destroying cards that were less useful in the game. Example, you have 2 back row, 1 is CED and another is Starlight Road and your opponent have MST on hand. You keep on looking at the Starlight Road no matter what your opponent is doing. Therefore, your opponent may predict that the Starlight Road is a very important card for you as you are keep on looking at it. Then he/she will activate MST to target Starlight Road and destroy it. Through this method, you have save your CED for your opponent next play.

Besides that, you can persuade your opponent to extend their play if you sure you can survive for this turn and turn the table around next turn. For example, your opponent have 3 monsters on the field and he/she can OTK if they want but they choose to play safe. In this case, you try to persuade he/she to extend their play by saying that "If you not dare to OTK me this turn, I bet you will regret it later on!" As a result, he/she may OTK you immediately and fall into your trap. However, please use this trick wisely as your opponent may have enough of preparation to stop your tactic.

Aside from those I have mentioned, you can also purposely making some "misplay" where the play actually is the best play that you did. To illustrate it clearly, let me put an example so that you can understand what I want to share with you guys. You have MST, Kycoo, Monster Reborn at your hand while you knew your opponent have 2 set card, one is Solemn Warning and another unknown card. You decide not to play the MST as doing so you have to blindly destroy a target. Therefore, you summon Kycoo and waiting for opponent to response to the summon.

If he/she decide not to negate your Kycoo then you can save the MST until end of Battle Phase else you can play your MST right after he/she negate your Kycoo from landing on the field. If Kycoo is safe then you can enter BP in order to check whether the other set card is a battle-trigger trap or not. If your Kycoo were destroyed during BP, then you can use the MST to destroy the Solemn Warning and reborn your Kycoo from the graveyard. Else just set your MST and wait for your opponent's further action.

Some of the players even use rude words to make their opponent rage, however, I discourage you guys for using any rude words to blame your opponent as doing so you may receive a warning penalty from referee. The worst penalty you may get is disqualified from play thus please be aware of this rule. If your opponent blame you with the rude words, you just simply call referee to come around and give him/her a penalty. Anyhow, always remember play hard or shark your opponent legally and never ever try to break the rule.

Okay, that's all I wanna share with you guys. Hope these trick can help you to win some of the game. Thanks for your precious time and wish you all have a nice day and good luck for the WCQ! Please stay tuned for my next post.

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