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Is Almost Time To Go For New Format! September 2013 Ban List Speculation!

Hey, guys! 1st of all, I would like to congratulate Zack Teoh for being Malaysia 2013 WCQ Finalist and he will represent us to compete in the final of WCQ 2013 by next month. Since we have enter the month of July and this means the September 2013 format is coming very soon. Like previous, I will do ban list speculation as well.

Undoubtedly, many of us dislike this format even my country WCQ 2013 finalist(Yes, he did mentioned it on his FB!) as only 2 top tier deck(Dragon Ruler and Prophecy) that viable to be play in this format and they are the most consistent compare with other deck. [Seems like this sentence have been seen from some where. Yes, you are correct! LGQ had mentioned it in his blog before I wrote this article.] Thus I see that Konami will make a big impact towards this format.

Before I go further discuss about the potential cards that may be hit in the ban list, let us review what card may be hit 1st. The list is as below:


Limit/Restriction card
Number 11: Big Eye
Dark Magician of Chaos
Deep Sea Diva
Glow-Up Bulb
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Super Rejuvenation
Spellbook of Judgment

Semi-limit/Semi-restriction card
Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
Inzektor Hornet
Night Assailant
T.G. Striker
Fire Formation - Tenki
Gold Sarcophagus
Monster Gate
Spellbook of Secrets

Unlimit/No longer restrict card
Debris Dragon
Reborn Tengu
Ojama Trio

Basically, I felt nothing should be ban as current format seems like not a card is too broken. Apart from that, by just limit or semi-limit the cards, the deck will be slow down. If we banned the card then the deck may die directly. One of the good example is Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, Wind-Up is out of the range of competitive deck choice after the effective of March 2013 ban list as they are far less consistent to against tier 0 or 1. Therefore, no card might be ban during this format.

Many player argue that Number 11: Big Eye should be ban but I would rather choose it to be limit as it is one of the most useful Rank 7 Xyz monster other than Dracossack. By limit it to 1 then the game play of Dragon especially mirror match will move towards skill-play setup as you won't simply call it out unless you have clear the bait or force to do so. Compare with Dark Strike Fighter, it may not see so bad as most of the time you won't be kill instantly due to the present of it.

2nd, I feel that it's time for DMOC to back to the field. The reason is so simple, because it is a level 8 spellcaster monster and this will enables some deck especially Prophecy to gain back some advantage as some of its cards will be hit by the new format. By having DMOC you can play monster reborn/dark hole/heavy storm for twice, imba enough for us but I bet this card may not be too useful as it may just like BLS-Envoy of the Beginning. Apart from that, the new format gonna be a Rank 8/9/10 Xyz monster era. Thus it may be release from the ban list.

For Mermail, Deep Sea Diva is a card that must be hit as it helps to fuel up the field/graveyard instantly. It also enables more swarming play thus I think it will be limit as current format haven't hit it yet. Still I like to see the return of Glow-up Bulb as it will increase the speed of synchro-oriented deck and as long as Trishula or Brionac is stay in the ban list, Yugioh world should be safe. Spellbook Magician is the card that I would like to see in the list as it is the card that enables the flow of the Prophecy.

Super Rejuvenation and Spellbook of Judgment are the cards that must be hit as they will refill back all the resources that you have play within the turn. They help you to further extend the game during next turn while reducing the chances of your opponent to turn the table around. Thus this is the card that creates problem the most, I don't like to see it to be ban but by limit it the refill problem should be solve instantly.

For semi-limit list, Dracossack is the best card that must be hit so that generic Rank 7 become lesser. This will affect the consistency of Dragon Ruler as Dragon use it to waste opponent resources. Once you use out all of it then you will need to think of way to recycle it back. Dandylion and Hornet may be back to 2 again as they didn't do much compare with most of the meta deck. As long as key to combo both of them is limit then the combo play will not be too consistent.

I would like to see Night Assailant back to 2 as it seems like nothing to do as Konami have corrected their errata long time ago. It may just like Twin-Headed Behemoth that back to the unlimit list as well. T.G. Striker may also back to 2 as this will help T.G. Agent or anti-meta to out against the meta. Tenki is also must be hit as it is pseudo-ROTA for beast-warrior deck, most of the deck have only a copies of ROTA and it is unsearchable.

Gold Sarcophagus is too good to be play in Dragon thus I think put it back to 2 is a good option as doing so will not kill the deck. Monster Gate is good for deck like Hieratic as Reasoning is semi-limit thus I think it will back semi-limit as well. Scapegoat is less useful nowadays as Xyz monster have dominate the game thus I do think it will back to 2 copies too. By just limiting Judgment and Spellbook Magician, Prophecy is still strong thus semi-limit Secret certainly will slow down the play and its consistency.

Lastly, I would like to see Debris Dragon, Reborn Tengu and Ojama Trio back to unlimit. Debris Dragon and Reborn Tengu are the answer for more synchro play while Ojama Trio may boost the play of field-lock down deck. Okay, that's all I wanna share with you guys. Kindly drop your comment if you felt that I have leave out some of the cards. Thanks for your time and good luck for your tournament.

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I could deal with this list. Very nice. Plants will have mini comeback